Electric Scooters and New York City

electric scooterNew York City has become one of the top locations in which residents of the bustling city make use of electric scooters. Not just for leisure or pleasurable rides through the park or sightseeing, but to help riders earn a living as well.

Now that individuals are working later in life, some occupations, such as delivery drivers in New York City, can greatly benefit from electric scooters. Chinatown and around Midtown, in particular, have a rapidly growing escooter community, which may be due to the fact (at least in part) that electric scooters are so hugely popular in China. Since 2007, retail suppliers of e-scooters have claimed to be up by almost 40% each year. This is largely due to the ever tightening economy and most recently, the steep hike in gas prices.

Of course, delivery drivers are not the only New Yorker’s who are joining the electric scooter rage.  They are the perfect mode of transportation to easily glide past rush hour traffic and avoid expensive cab fare.

Legalities for Electric Scooters

If you’re wondering about the legalities of driving on New York sidewalks and streets, here’s the breakdown. It’s best to be aware of the rules of the road, side streets, and sidewalks before making your purchase.

In New York City there is a legal lane on many roads and city streets. When you are traveling in these areas, be sure to only drive in the lane designated for scooters and mopeds. Currently, electric bicycles do not enjoy this type of freedom as they are not considered motor vehicles, so technically are not allowed on the roads or city sidewalks. To date, it is not a regular practice for those driving electric bicycles to be ticketed, but electric scooters currently have the clear legal advantage.

Clean and Affordable

Electric scooters are the cleanest and most energy efficient form of transportation, especially in this economy. They make commuting through the busy New York streets a snap, and they promote being in the sunshine and outdoors, which in turn promotes good health.

As more individuals are looking for alternatives to fuel consumption, we expect that electric scooters will continue to increase in popularity.

Right now, electric scooters have privileges on city streets and are also subject to the same rules and regulations of other vehicles on the road. If you are the owner of an electric scooter, be sure to use turn signals, drive within a safe distance, respect the rules of the road, and be mindful of pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles.

As the owner of an electric scooter, you will be helping the environment every time you decide to use your scooter for transportation instead of a gas powered automobile, city bus, or cab. You’ll be doing your part for the environment.

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