How and Where to Sell Your Electric Scooter

sell your electric scooterIf your in the market to purchase a new electric scooter or electric bicycle, you may need the extra cash and want to sell your current electric scooter first. If this sounds like you, you’re also wanting to receive the most cash possible for your current electric scooter. Here are the keys to selling your electric scooter quickly and effectively for top dollar:

Your Electric Scooter Should Be in Tip Top Shape

Is your electric scooter looking a little weathered? Has it been a while since you’ve polished it up, shined the tires, and given it a tune up? If so, now is the time. You’ll want to be able to take a few pictures of your electric scooter and you’ll want it to make a winning first impression, so a complete detail job is in order:

  • Clean and shine the entire scooter – Use a gentle cleaner. Anything that is safe for an automobile will work well to clean the body of your scooter. Avoid using brushes, the scrubby side of a sponge, or anything that may cause small scratches.


  • Bug removal – If it’s been a while since your last cleaning, your electric scooter may have collected quite a nice array of dried and stuck on bugs, especially on the front of the escooter. A gentle but oily bug dissolver is available at most retail locations. Just spray on, wait a few moments and wipe off. Again, never use a scrub brush or scrubby sponge to try to take off any type of debris. You’ll end up making matters worse by scratching the surface of the escooter.


  • Buff out any scratches – For light scratches that are not too deep, purchase an automotive scratch buffing paste. Follow the directions on the container, but it’s generally a rub on, let dry, rub off with a clean, damp cloth process.


  • Charge the battery – Have the battery at full charge for anyone who wants to take your electric scooter for a test drive.


  • Everything should be in working order – Check the brakes, headlight, turn signals, brake lights, and all other working parts. If something needs to be replaced or repaired on your electric scooter, be sure to have this completed before putting an ad up.

Placing an Ad and Selling Your Electric Scooter

Now that your escooter is in tip top shape it’s time to make some money. Take clear, flattering photos of your electric scooter, preferably outdoors and preferably in a nice location, such as a park or at least in the street with some attractive homes in the background. Don’t take a picture of your electric scooter in the garage with a bunch of clutter behind it. This sends a message to potential buyers that you are a messy person who probably didn’t take care of your escooter very well.

Next, advertise your electric scooter at a slightly higher price than you want to receive. This leaves wiggle room for negotiations.

Place the ad for your escooter on local online classified sites, such as Craigslist and other free sites. Be sure to describe all of the features in detail. The more information you provide, the better. Provide your phone number and be sure to conduct yourself in a professional and friendly manner. Answer all questions to the best of your ability and it won’t be long until your old electric scooter has a new home and you are purchasing a shiny new version!

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