Scooter Battery Won’t Charge? Here’s What to do

escooterYou finally purchased that new electric scooter. Nothing has made you happier than riding through town on the back of your shiny red scooter, knowing you are reducing your carbon footprint and easing the burden on your check book. Everything seems to be perfect.


Except for one thing.


This morning you walked out to start your scooter and head off to work and found your battery wasn’t charged. After spending a bit of time trying to charge it, you realized there must be something wrong with the battery. However, short of calling a mechanic, you aren’t sure exactly what to do about it.


Solutions for a E-Scooter Battery That Won’t Charge

  • Battery Pack History- Your first step should be trying to determine how long the battery pack has been left uncharged. Is this your first ride after a long winter or did you just ride your e-scooter yesterday? If the battery pack hasn’t been charged in more than six months, you may be dealing with a defective battery pack. If this is the case you will need to replace it. If it has been less than six months since you charged your escooter battery, take the next step.


  • Charge the Battery- Try charging the battery for eight hours and then test the electric scooter to see if it will start and run at full speed. Make sure to avoid charging the battery for more than twelve hours, however, to avoid damaging it.


  • Test the Charger- If your electric scooter still won’t work properly, you need to test the charger to see if it is malfunctioning. Plug the charger into an electrical socket and check to see if any indicator lights are illuminated. If they aren’t lit or are blinking, the charger is defective. You can also test the charger using a multimeter to check the output voltage.


  • Inspect- Inspect the charger using three senses: touch, sight, and smell. Remove the footplate or cover and see if you can spot any melted or burnt wires or electrical components. Make sure none are loose, damaged, or disconnected as well. Smell them as well to see if you can smell the scent of burnt plastic.


  • Test it- If you own more than one e-scooter and the second is still running, test the battery on it. Charge the battery using the battery charger, then hook it up to the second scooter and take it for a test ride. Most e-scooter batters will last for thirty to forty-five minutes on flat ground at full throttle. If your e-scooter’s battery pack lasts less than 30 minutes, you will know it is worn out or something is wrong with it. It will need to be replaced before you can use your electric scooter again.


If your electric scooter battery isn’t charging like it used to, or isn’t charging at all, you need to determine whether it needs to be replaced or whether you need a new charger. Follow these steps to test the battery and the charger so you can get your escooter up and running as quickly as possible and back on the road.

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